Chicken Haleem-Easy Chicken Haleem

Chicken Haleem is a traditional Punjabi dish. It is very popular in Pakistan and Asian countries. Chicken Haleem is favorite of  every age group. specially it is prepared on almost every Tehwar (special days). There are special restaurants which offer haleem, but you no need to go   there now. Try this at home and enjoy your home made haleem  
Chicken Haleem

Ingredients for Chicken haleem:

Chickenboneless:                                                      1 kg
Wheat:                                                                            2 cup
(Wholecrushed and soaked in water for 1 hour):     
Onions:                                                                         3medium size
Yellowlentils (soaked and boiled):                         1/2cup
Corianderpowder:                                                      2tbsp
Gingerpaste:                                                               1tsp
Garlicpaste:                                                                 1tsp
Red chilipowder:                                                        2tbsp
Turmericpowder:                                                       1tsp
Salt:                                                                               totaste
Grammasala powder (whole spice):                    1tsp
Blackpepper powder:                                               1/2tsp
Cardamomstick:                                                        2inch
Bay leaves:                                                                   2
Cuminpowder:                                                           1/2
Cookingoil:                                                                 1cup
Freshchopped coriander:                                       1/2cup
Freshchopped mint leaves:                                   1/2 cup
Greenchilies(chopped):                                         6small
Ginger (finelysliced):                                               2tbsp
Lemon:                                                                       2


Take a panadds oil and heat it. Fry onions turn over golden brown. Take out with slottedspoon and spread on kitchen paper to drain excess oil. When it is cool and crunchy,crush with hands and keep place aside.
In a largepan put 6 cups of water and boil wheat smoothly for almost 30 minutes or moreuntil very soft. Place aside from flame.
Boilyellow lentils and grind it. Take another pan put ginger paste, garlic paste,cumin powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, salt, turmeric powder, bayleaves, cardamom stick, whole spice, black pepper powder and 1/2 cup of waterand sauté for two minutes.
Now put boneless chicken pieces and grinded yellow lentils.
Now put theboiled wheat and mix well, put oil. Taste the salt and put more if necessary.
Let it boilfor minimum 25-30 minutes and keep moving between. Cook until mixture becomesthick.
Removefrom heat and dress up by fresh chopped coriander, chopped green chilies, freshchopped mint leaves, sliced ginger, and fried onions.
Delicious Chickenhaleem serve with lemon and naan or boiled rice.

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