Halloween Cake Pops

I couldn't wait to try out Bakerella's Cake Pop recipe this Halloween!  She is the queen of all things sweet.  I just love all of her baking creations.  I found these cute Halloween pops on her site and decided to give them a try.  Cake Pops are pretty simple to make, but you need to carve out a chunk of time to get them done.  I have a helpful hint that is not in her recipe directions (at least not in the online recipe).  Add a tablespoon of canola oil or shortening to the melted chocolate before you dip the pops.  This helps make the chocolate shiny and smooth for that perfectly round look.  It took a bit of practice to get them just right.  However, once you get the hang of these bite-size desserts they are really fun to make!    Click here for the recipe.  These are my Halloween Cake Pop creations....

Cute little mummies

Halloween Confetti Pops

Pumpkin Pops

The Cake Pop display, ready for the party...

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