What is Nugiri Sushi Recipe ?

What is Nugiri Sushi Recipe ?
Nigiri sushi is a type of Japanese dish made with sushi rice and fresh fish. The sushi rice is hand formed into a small clump, and the fish is sliced and pressed on top of it. In some cases, nigiri sushi uses a small strip of toasted seaweed called nori to bind the whole mixture together, although this is not obligatory. Nigiri sushi is commonly found in sushi restaurants which have a reliable supply of high quality raw fish and well trained cooks.

Nigiri sushi is commonly called two kinds sushi because it involves two ingredients: sushi rice and a single topping. The topping is also known as neta, and usually takes the form of a type of seafood such as:
  • tuna,
  • eel,
  • haddock,
  • shad,
  • snapper,
  • octopus,
  • or shrimp.
Depending on the type of fish, it may be served raw in thin slices, grilled, or batter fried. Because the fish is clearly on display, and often served raw, cooks select fish of the highest quality and cut it meticulously so that it is aesthetically pleasing and healthy to eat..

In many restaurants, nigiri sushi is offered on a combination platter, so that diners can try several different types at once. Nigiri sushi is often served with other types of sushi such as maki for a taste contrast. Some types of nigiri sushi incorporate multiple ingredients, although they are found more often outside of Japan. One of the most common nigiri sushi combinations is grilled unagi, or eel, and avocado.
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