Cuban Flan Recipe making process

Cut into squares and serve. I like mine with some coconut garnish, but my husband thinks Cuba is blasphemy! You decide. This pudding recipe inspired me to write this article. Some time ago I made two flan for dinner at the workplace of my husband. Is a nurse in a prison. We received a response on the top that went beyond normal meal protocol. The first thing that happened was that some 10 of his colleagues called us by the speaker and thanked me. I thought that these people in jail only to be very nice. My husband assured me it was not the case.

About 2 days later, the prison psychologist told my husband: "I do not know what it was that his wife did, but it was good!" Once again, I thought, well that's good.

One or two days later, my husband found out that someone in the crew hid in the last few days two pieces of the night crew. What about that? Fast forward three months, another potluck to come. My husband ventured that he wants to bring a fruit salad that cause he likes. His co-workers asked, "Well, it better be as good or better than the flan, or custard want!" I'm starting to think that these people are possessed!
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