Important Rules in Baking Cookies Perfectly

Important Rules in Baking Cookies Perfectly

Baking cookies is easy but somehow difficult. You have to be very careful in each step in order to get the perfect result. A simple mistake could ruin all the processes you have done. As the consequences, your cookies will be as hard as rocks or as black as coal. Therefore, pay attention to these certain rules when you are going to make perfectly baked cookies for your family.

Mostly, cookies are made from similar basic ingredients. They have the dry ingredients such as flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and sugar or brown sugar as the sweeteners. Besides, they are also consisting of fat such as softened butter or margarine, eggs, vanilla, and sometimes shortening. For the flavors, mostly people add chocolate. Cocoa, nuts, raisins, oatmeal, spices, or extracts to their cookies.

To have perfect texture, taste and appearance, you need to be more careful than just following the explained steps in the recipes. You should really understand about the process, the techniques, the tools, and the ingredients so you can make cookies just like what you expected to be. They are:

1. Identify the characteristics and the nature of each ingredient such as flour, eggs, fats, oils sweeteners and even the decorating materials such as marzipan or fondant. Each of them has certain influence in giving texture, appearance, and taste for your cookies.

2. Measure the ingredients accurately by using the right tools and techniques.

3. Do not over-mix the dough because it is persuading gluten development. This kind of dough makes your cookies hard or even unable to eat.

4. Do not over-bake to prevent it burned. You should check the temperature and the baking time carefully.

5. Bake your cookies with passion. This is a simple aspect that gives great and useful influences.

Following those rules will be very helpful in making perfect. However, the very basic rule in making cookies is: practice makes perfect. Learning from the mistakes in each baking process surely will help you a lot in making perfect cookies for your family and friends.

Important Rules in Baking Cookies Perfectly
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