Roquefort lollipops with grapes and pistachios

Are you wondering how could I even get near to the Roquefort cheese? I wonder myself too... However, I love seeing my husband's face when eating one of these :D = Absolute pleasure! I keep myself 2 meters away and I still can smell that horrible aroma... sorry, cheese lovers, I don't think I will ever enjoy that.

It's a pity because it looked so delicious; imagine the grape inside exploding when you bite the cheese ball, and those pistachios contrasting with the Roquefort flavour... Maybe in another life.

See the difference between the first and the rest of the pictures? This is my new discovery: Iphoneography! Pictures are taken with the Iphone and then using various photography apps you can retouch the photograph; in these 3 last pictures I used the Hipstamatic app. You can change the lens, the film and also turn the flash on or off.

If you have an Iphone, give it a try, it's so much fun!!! And there's so many other apps you can use that the possibilities are endless.

This time I'm not giving measures for the recipe because I only made three lollipops and didn't care about the measures... I'm sure you can manage yourself with these too. 
You will need a blue cheese: Roquefort, Cabrales or Stilton are great choices, then some grapes without seeds, chopped pistachios and toasted sesame seeds.
  • Shape the balls with your hands and manage to place the grape inside.
  • Coat with the pistachios or the sesame seeds.
  • Insert the stick in the cheese ball and place it inside some glasses full of thick salt.
  • Enjoy!

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