Sweet sweet Friday: 'Wonder Day' Biscuits

It seems like years ago now, but I came home from our Christmas holiday at the end of December to discover the most amazing present in the letterbox - a copy of Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet. I'd heard a lot about the book - there's even a Twitter-based cook-off sort of thing called 'Short and Tweet' - and it's even better than I dreamed it would be.
The Random Recipes hook for January is to select a recipe from your newest cookbook, so I dipped into it with glee.

Wonder Day Biscuits
Dan Lepard calls these 'One A Day' Biscuits, but the Small Girl has renamed them 'Wonder Day' biscuits and is having trouble accepting that she's only allowed one a day. I blame her genes, because her father calls them 'Two or Three a Day if you're Daddy' Biscuits. They're very, very good, especially as a pre-breakfast snack if you are about to embark on a long run (which I am supposed to be doing at the moment). They are also good with a cup of tea in bed when even the thought of getting up makes you want to cry.

My apologies - I have removed this recipe from my blog at the request of Dan Lepard's editor. You'll just have to buy the book (which is absolutely worth it). Bon appetit!
Have a sweet, sweet weekend everyone x
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