Tips for Making Popcorn Recipe

List of ingredients:

* Butter 1 / 3 cup margarine or (if necessary!)
* 4 quarts of popcorn
* Salt to taste
* A deck or a few ingredients (see list)

Putting it together:

Step one: Heat the butter in a microwave safe bowl / cup or small pot on the stove.
Step Two: Place popcorn in large bowl
Step Three: Sprinkle half the butter little by little over a cup of popcorn, as you spin it with your other hand.
Step four: Give the bowl, mix the light so the corn with butter on top to the bottom of the glass circulated.
Step Five: Spray the remaining butter over popcorn while you rotate the dish.
Step Six: Sprinkle ½ ingredients while gently pull between additions.

Munch away!

Ingredients to consider:

* Grated Parmesan or other
* Pieces of bacon or bacon
* The salt of which there are a variety of flavors
* Nuts salty or sweet (honey roasted), chopped
* Cinnamon / sugar (works well mixed with butter first)
* Curry powder (works well mixed with butter first)
* Cayenne powder (works well mixed with butter first)
* Parmesan, Italian seasoning, paprika for a taste of pizza as
* Chocolate chips or a candy bar type you like, chopped
* Dried fruits and sweetened coconut

Be creative and shoot what you like ...

As you can see the popcorn is a great template to add interesting flavors and the only limit is your imagination and your taste buds. It is easy to imagine an infinite number of combinations and the fun is in trying as much as in manufacturing. So have fun and mix it up a bit!
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