Favorite Chocolate Recipes

February is National Chocolate Month. So to pay tribute to chocolate, I decided to spotlight a few favorite chocolate recipes from Recipes Dream. (scroll down...) Look for some more new chocolate recipes this month as well!

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to go to a Chocolate Expo. It was so neat to see all the different kinds of chocolate from all over the world. Not only were there samples (the best reason to go to a chocolate expo!), but there were all sorts of different ways the chocolate was being used. These "tarts' and "pastries" are not at all what they seem. They are completely made out of chocolate to look like something you'd find in a bakery. Believe me when I say that it definitely got the chocolate part of my brain ticking away. (and yes, I'm sure that there is a chocolate part of my brain!)How would you like to have a chocolate dress? Or chocolate fountains higher than your head?!

We may not have recipes for chocolate dresses or 5-foot tall chocolate fountains, but we have some super good chocolate recipes right here. Plus I can guarantee that they will be easier to make! Here are some of my top dozen chocolate choices:

Hot Chocolate cookies Molten chocolate cakes Crockpot chocolate fudge cake
Chocolate magic shell ice cream topping Flourless chocolate cake Chocolate chip cookie dough topped browniesFrozen hot chocolate Best hot chocolateMacaroon brownies 30 minutes fudge pie Rocky road fudge bars Oreo truffles

Posted by Jen. Some of these recipes are either my favorite or look like they could be new favorites. So much for the idea of getting in shape. Now if only I could find a recipe for carrots that taste like chocolate...
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