Green Tea Supplements

The benefits of green tea if you are buying supplements, you should be interested in what benefits green tea has to offer. Green tea has a role to play in reducing obesity. Not a miracle tea, so it should not be defrauded in the purchase of any supplements that promise to reduce the size of the jeans in 7 days or up to 3 pounds a week. Research suggests, however, that this tea is effective to shed excess fat and water in your body. It also increases energy expenditure. In a study of 60 participants, a dramatic drop in body weight, body mass index and resting energy expenditure was observed in individuals using this supplement.

There are some other advantages too! The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center website says that tea extracts have been used to treat cancer, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. Scientists have also linked to the reduction of supplemental LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

A few cautions: You should be careful if you are taking this supplement of tea. If you have liver damage or disease, should avoid taking the supplement. Also, taking the supplement with meals to avoid any risk of toxicity. Avoid taking this tea with amphetamines, cocaine, ephedrine and adenosine. This tea like other herbs contain active ingredients that can interact with other supplements and herbs and cause some side effects.

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