Guilty pleasures: The Macaroon

Since today is Shrove Tuesday - the day in which you are supposed to have one (or many) last feasts to use up all the decadent foods you've sworn to give up for Lent - I thought I should offer you some food porn.

This is the guilty pleasure I mentioned in my list of food resolutions - a coconut macaroon from the supermarket. Looks benign enough, doesn't it? Then take a look at this...

In case you can't quite read the small print, there are more numbers here than in a maths textbook. Even the coconut is not quite coconut, but something called 'Kokomix' - which has lots of other goodies in it like milk fat, stabiliser, preservative, colour (colour? it's white!) and modified starch. The most depressing thing is that the 'chocolate' is a mixture of cocoa powder and various fats - but it DOES have coconut oil, which I guess boosts the overall coconut factor a bit.

What this label doesn't tell you though is that these toxic treats really are delicious. I first discovered them at an Italian cafe in town, where they cost three times as much despite being identical. Learning that they were on sale at the supermarket just a few minutes' walk from work was my downfall towards the end of last year. Not now though. I am strong. I have willpower. And I am going to go one further and give up chocolate  for Lent. After all, my chocolate dependent friend Ann once gave it up for a year - surely I can manage six weeks, right? Especially since the chocolate on the macaroons doesn't count...

Are you giving anything up for Lent? Or is retox, not detox, your motto?
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