Baby Red Stuffed mixed Peppers

Blend the rice, onions, diced peppers and spices together

Stuffed baby peppers

Oh so good.

Large red stuffed peppers 

Red Pepper 2 cut in half 
7 Small mixed peppers yellow, orange, cut in half
Brown success rice 1 bag
Cheddar cheese 1/4 cup shredded
Parmesan  cheese sprinkle
V-8 cocktail juice 1 large can 
Diced pepper (red, yellow, orange or mixed) 1 half diced
Onion 1 diced and saute in stove top pan
Olive oil 3 table spoons 
Spice, garlic powder, onion salt, Italian seasoning, parsley flakes, dill, sprinkle a little of each

In a mixing bowl add the cooked rice  
saute onions (lightly until soft) add to the rice 
diced peppers
parmesan and cheddar cheese
Mix above together and stuff each pepper

Put a little olive oil on the bottom of a large stove pot.
I made two separate pots one for the large and one for the small peppers.
Add to the bottom of the pot a little V-8 juice
Place each stuff pepper on the bottom of the pot
Add more V-8 juice to meet the peppers half of the pepper (do not cover the pepper with the juice)
Place a lid ajar and steam the pepper until tender.

This time I added two pieces of fresh garlic and a few small red peppers with some whole cherry tomatoes from my garden. Yes I am still growing and picking my "matoes" in September.
Go Jersey the Garden State.

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