Cold Coffee Recipe

Cold Coffee

Coldcoffee is popular all over the world. Serve this cold coffee with ice creamwith the choice of moreover vanilla ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream. You caneven shake the any of the ice-creams in the coffee. You can also serve with crushedchocolate on top of the coffee.

Cold Coffee:

Milk:                                        200g
GroundSugar:                          3tsp
Cream:                                    2 tsp
Instant Coffee:                          1 tsp
Ice cream(any flavor):              1 Scoop
Ice cubes:                               to taste


Put ice,sugar, milk, coffee and ice cream in a blender and blend for 2 minutes.
Take aglass and put mixture in it. Now add ice cubes and ice cream scoop on top.
ServeFresh Cold Coffee.
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