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Sometimes life just doesn't make sense. Sometimes we get surprised by a sudden turn of events that turns everything upside down. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves at those times than any other time in our lives. For recipes, I doubt that even begins to explain what she is feeling. Whatever was her life, hobbies, schedules, and comforts before this change of events... it has all morphed into something new. Her life will be just as meaningful, and just as full, but still she will put a part of herself on hold for her family, for her son.

e loves this blog. And I love her. So, I didn't want to see it sit idle today. Today I post a recipe for her. Just to say to her... your blog matters, you matter, I'm so proud of you... and we are praying for you and sending all our love your way! Love, Trisha


This is the perfect dinner for when life is crazy and upside down. Simple, easy, no rules, and barely any clean up at all!


I know I should post a picture of the ingredients now, but really.. it's up to you. I grab a big pot and throw in all sorts of meats and vegetables. I usually include:

Vegetables: asparagus, squash, zucchini, broccoli, (or even baby carrots, little potatoes)
Meat: little smokie sausages, shrimp, meatballs


Cover your dining table with a plastic, disposable table cloth.

Set out what we like to call "dip-it" aka ketchup, Ranch dressing, barbeque sauce

Throw whatever meats and veggies you choose to use in a big pot filled with water.

Boil until meat is warm and vegetables are soft (sometimes it helps to start boiling the veggies first and then add the meat).

Season with lots of salt and pepper.

Drain and Dump.

That's right, I said dump..... just like this:

Dump the pot of food in the middle of the table and allow everyone to eat until they are full. When it's done, fold up the tablecloth and toss it! Wash your pot, and you're done! Ok, I know you can barely call this a recipe, but the kids absolutely love it! So the next time you are in the dumps and cooking is the last thing on your mind... Dump Dinner may just be the answer!
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