More Greens in Your Diet

3. Juice up
Get a juicer and make vegetable juices delicious. In this way you get the goodness of nature directly into your system. The only work you have to do is buy and clean the vegetables. It is not cut. Imagine something fresh carrot juice in the morning. Certainly improve your health by doing this.

4. Buy frozen
If preparing places to eat vegetables, just enough to make them frozen and ready for steaming. There are a variety to choose from so you buy. Just make sure you do not overcook, as they do not want to lose the good.

5. They grow in your backyard
Why not consider gardening as a hobby. There is nothing so satisfying as planting seeds in the soil and watching them grow in plump fresh vegetables. You'll have no choice but to eat. Honestly, what beats to get your garden vegetables for cooking. Anyone can learn how to do this. Search the Internet or visit a nearest garden center for advice.

6. Add frozen vegetables to meat dishes
When cooking a meat dish, within walking distance of some frozen vegetables just a few minutes before the dish is cooked. For example, when cooking a stew of chicken, add some broccoli, scrambled eggs and add a little carrot, mashed potatoes with peas and add a bit of cabbage. You can also add frozen vegetables to rice. Just be creative with this as long as there are vegetables with every meal.
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