Oktoberfest Party Menu Ideas for a Fun-Filled Oktoberfest Party

Oktoberfest Party Menu Ideas for a Fun-Filled Oktoberfest Party-Christmas Cookie Recipies

Oktoberfest, while it insinuates an October celebration, is actually celebrated in September. Food, beer, fun, beer, music and beer are the highlights. Here are some food ideas to get your party started:

Christmas Cookie Recipies

You will find the German tradition offers many good items on the menu from all kinds of beer to bratwurst and many other types of sausage. If you are interested in recipes for Oktoberfest then you will want to understand the full menu you might find at an Oktoberfest party. Here are a few ideas:

You may find homemade pretzels, canapés, Lowenbrau bratwurst, Rye bread Crostini, German potato salad, red cabbage with Bavarian smoked cheese, braised pork with a horseradish sauce, dark beer marinated chicken, and strudel. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Food plays as much of a role in Oktoberfest as beer, and as such, sharing delicious food with your guests is a must.

Spaetzeles are another primary menu item for Oktoberfest. Spatzen are tiny dumplings. You will need 4 eggs, ½ egg shell of water for each egg used, flour to make a thick batter, and a pinch of salt. You will combine the water and eggs together then add the flour gradually. You will need to rest the batter between whisking several times. The idea is to make a thick batter that you can push through a Spaetzel maker into boiling water. When the Spaetzel begins to float you will lift them out of the boiling water and cover with a buttered crumb topping. You can have Spaetzel as a side dish with Sauerbraten.

Sauerbraten is another traditional German recipe you will find during Oktoberfest depending on where you are. Sauerbraten combines a roast with vegetables, cider vinegar, brown sugar, and sour cream for a wonderful dish. The flavor may seem a little sour, but you will get used to it especially if combined with Spaetzel.

Whatever you serve at your Oktoberfest function, though, sharing it with friends and having a great time together is the most important thing of all.

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