Avocado Nicoise Salad

Avocado Nicoise Salad can be served as an appetizer or side meal.
A simple recipe, mix all ingredients together and you have a special Avocado Salad Nicoise.
Avocado Salad Nicoise recipe for Christmas Eve
Avocado Nicoise Salad

Avocado Nicoise Salad
3 avocados - halved, peeled and croasly diced (do not forget to pour a little lemon)
3 hard boild eggs peeled and diced coarsely
6 anchovy canned - chopped fillets of anchovies canned in oil
50g black olives - pitted and coarsely chopped
 Olive oil
Lemon juice of one lemon
preparation :
 in a bowl gently mix all ingredients. Season lightly with salt, olive oil and lemon

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