Bulgur Tomatoes salad recipe

Bulgur Tomatoes salad recipe
Bulgur Tomatoes salad recipe. tasty, nutritious and healthy
Many restaurants today serve to bulgur as side dishes.
Bulgur salad recipe is easy and quick to prepare.
1.5 cups bulgur wheat
Olive oil - for frying
1 / 2 bunch parsley chopped
1 onion - diced
 4 tomatoes - diced
3 green onions - diced
Black pepper
 Place the bulgur in a strainer and rinse them under running water. Set aside.
 Heat olive oil in a frying pan, add the onion and saute until it turns translucent. Add half the tomatoes and cook about 10 minutes.
 Transfer the bulgur into a bowl, and pour the sauce. Add the fresh tomatoes and scallions and chopped parsley. Season with salt and stir.
 Before serving, let the salad rest aside for half an hour. Serve with fresh radishes

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