Broccoli rabe

I made an easy Broccoli Rabe. This is a bitter veggie but we can spice it up a bit so here we go.

I diced 3 cloves of fresh garlic.  Saute in olive oil until a little tender do not over brown them and sprinkle  crushed peppers to taste. Take out the garlic an place in a large bowl.

Take the broccoli rabe wash and cut off the stems and steam them with a sprinkle/shake of garlic salt, garlic powder, parsley, dill, Mrs. Dash and salt..
Steam until tender then.
Add the broccoli rabe into the pan we used with the diced fresh garlic saute we took out and place into the bowl just saute the rabe until tender.

In a bowl mix everything together I also added a table spoon of crushed garlic. 

(I love a LOT of garlic)

This will take out the bitter taste of the rabe.

 You can soak the fresh broccoli rabe in chicken broth and or chicken pollo broth and then start from the above cooking.

I would try adding to this broccoli rabe a little spinach steamed and a little string beans steamed. This is up to your taste.

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