From my Kitchen to my Garden, growing plants from seeds

Well it's this time of the year February 2012 winter in N.J. This has been a very mild winter for the Jersey Shore we only had a little dusting of snow.  I love my Garden and want to plant now.

So I am giving back to my garden from the crops I grew last summer which I saved the seeds and now growing indoors.

This is the reverse of From my Garden to the Kitchen. Which is now From my Kitchen to my Garden.

I am growing indoors next to my sunny window. Butternut Squash, Tomatoes, Assorted Peppers
and today we planted Chives.
Chives , Peppers, Tomatoes, Butternut Squash all from seed

Butternut Squash

Avocado plant I grew from the seed
I read up on how to start the Avocado seed using toothpick and putting the seed in a glass of water.
Well that did not happen you have to change the water and that seed did not grow.

So I took the seed by my own hands and planted it into my garden soil and it grew all on its own. I took out the plant from my garden before the winter months and planted it in a container with potting soil and this is what you see. My Avocado plant indoors.

I did grown two more in my garden last summer and did not dig them out of the garden as an experiment to see if they could endure the winter Let you know in the summer if they are going to grow.
Here is one of my babies I hatched from last summer

I will order Praying Mantis Egg Cases to hatch in my sunny window to release into my garden which I do every year. They are beneficial bugs that eat the bad bugs in your garden.

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