Special Chapli Kabab Recipe

keema(mince) - 1 kg washed
namak(salt) - 1 teaspoon
sabut dhania/zeera(coriander and cumin seeds grand) - 1teaspoon
 anar dana(pomegranate seed) - 1 tablespoon
adrak/lehas(ginger/garlic paste) - 1 tablespoon
laal mirch(red chili powder) - 1 tablespoon
 tomato chopped - 1 large
 pyaas(onion)chopped - 1 medium
 hari mirch(green chilli)chopped - 3 or 4
 garam masala powder - 1 teaspoon
corainder leaves/mint- 1 bunch chopped
 egg - 2

take a mince in a big bowl add all spices and ingredients and mix well leave for marinate 15 to 2o minutes.take a small ball of mince in your hand.roll it to form a smooth ball then place uour palm on the ball and keep pressing till it is in the form of round shape patties the thickness of the patties shoulb be about 1/2 inch.heat a oil in a pan and fry the kabab in the oil until brown.serve it with green chatni,raita and roti....
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